It's all about taking your music to the next level


Divergent Music Group (DMG) is an independent record label founded by Luke Beaulac, owner and producer of Evermore Sound. First conceived in 2008, the label was born in 2018. It takes patience and persistence to do things right.

DMG assists artists with the production & distribution of their music, as well as limited help with marketing efforts.

Creating the best possible record means digging deep. Choosing the best songs, hashing out the arrangements, working the parts, and getting the best sound in the studio—that’s just the beginning. DMG works with artists all along the way and well beyond, ensuring that vision becomes reality in the finished product.

Our artists benefit from an extensive digital distribution network with a broad global reach across all major international online retailers. Comprehensive marketing plans enable artists to promote their releases, cultivate and promulgate a unique brand, and dominate social media marketing.

DMG nurtures, cultivates, and celebrates our artists with the goal of maintaining long-term relationships that are equally respectful and mutually rewarding.

It’s all about the music.